WhatsApp Plus APK Download (Official) Latest Version Anti-Ban | July 2024

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Version 17.85 | Size 71.85 MB

Download now with extra features and Customizable layout. Like privacy & anti-ban protection, new stickers, hide last seen, auto reply and so much more!


📢 The latest version of WhatsApp Plus v17.85 for July 2024 has just been released!

WhatsApp Plus, the popular version of WhatsApp, came into being in 2012. All thanks to the efforts of Rafalete, a senior member of the XDA community. This talented developer tweaked the original WhatsApp code to create the amazing WhatsApp Plus we know today.

But wait, there's more! Another talented modder, WhatsApp Plus has taken it to the next level, expanding its features and making it the best WhatsApp version.

 What is WhatsApp Plus Apk?  

Whatsapp Plus APK is one of the most popular versions of Whatsapp Official and is used by millions of users. This APK app is built with new features and features that are missing in the official version. Yes, Whatsapp Plus APK allows you to hide the background, change multiple themes, and much more.

Whatsapp Plus APK is one of the most useful messaging apps like GBWhatsapp and a paid way to chat with your friends and loved ones. Simply, it's the easiest way to connect with people anywhere in the world.

With WhatsApp Plus you are provided with many features that you cannot find in the official app or in other parts of WhatsApp. The amazing features include hiding the blue ticks, downloading and enjoying the View Once feature, and many others. The details of features are given in the WhatsApp Plus features section so keep reading the article.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

Message Scheduler

Automate sending messages for birthdays, reminders, or business needs.


Anti-Delete Protection

View messages and statuses even if others have erased them.


Share Without Limits

Send huge files and up to 80 images at once.



Personalize your GB WhatsApp with unlimited themes and fonts.

Built-in Translator

Chat with anyone, overcoming language barriers effortlessly.



Download WhatsApp Plus and hide your online status, typing indicators, and more.

Differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

Characteristics WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp Normal
Regularity of updates
Restrictions on message forwarding Unlimited 5 chats
Customizing the icon
Web Image Integration
Quality in sending photos
Visibility of the "writing…" status
Option to hide read receipt
Maximum state length 255 caracteres 139 caracteres
Do not disturb mode
Access to design store
Variety in emojis
Customization alternatives
Show status "online"
Option to download contact statuses
Font Selection
Advanced Privacy Tools
Large file sharing limit 999 MB 100 MB
Simplicity in the interface
Advanced blocking features


Whatsapp Plus Apk Features:

Updated Themes Regularly

Are you tired of the old retro style of WhatsApp? Download and Enjoy WhatsApp Plus then. This amazing app gives you endless options to explore. Say goodbye to the monotony and hello to a fresh and new look for your WhatsApp every day. What is The best part? Themes are updated regularly so you don't miss out on new and exciting designs.

Privacy And Security

Perhaps the biggest success for WhatsApp Plus app users is its privacy protocols.

The official app lets you hide the message text and remove the blue ticks so it doesn't show up when you read a message. It also prevents your contacts from knowing when they see your messages.

However, there is a downside to all this.

If you enable these features, the blue ticks don’t appear to the sender after reading messages by the receiver. WhatsApp Plus has removed many limitations.

Use Multiple Accounts on One Phone

Unlock the power of multiple accounts with WhatsApp Plus! Consider the problem of using two accounts to create WhatsApp. One account on WhatsApp means giving up your precious storage space. But don't panic! Our developers have created the perfect solution, the Multi-Account Support feature in WhatsApp Plus. So you can manage two accounts in one WhatsApp without any problem.

Do Not Disturb Mod

By enabling this feature no one can disturb you on whatsApp, Because this feature allows you to turn off internet connection for WhatsApp only. However you can use other apps with connected internet service.

Download Status

In WhatsApp Official when someone uploads any status you only can watch that status but you can not download or save that. But in WhatsApp Plus you can have the status which you want.

Fun Emojis for Communication

Step up your communication game with fun emojis! Our developers have worked hard to make your chats better and more powerful. Say hello to the new emoji in the app and you'll get the chance to express yourself whatever you want. Choose from a delightful selection of Android, iOS, and Facebook emojis that make your messages shine.

Send Message to Unsaved Number

Official WhatsApp requires that you need to add new contacts to your contact list before sending a message. You don't have to worry about it in WhatsApp Plus.

If the person you want to send has a WhatsApp account and it is linked to the phone number you are sending, you do not need to save the number. You can send the message easily without saving the number.

Send Uncompressed Files

Many users have complained about the poor quality when sending files via the WhatsApp platform. If these files are not too compressed, they can not be uploaded due to their size. In WhatsApp Plus, the file sizes have increased, allowing you to share large files and long videos without compressing or splitting them first.

New And Stylish Fonts

Tired of old WhatsApp message fonts? Don't worry because Whatsapp Plus has the perfect solution! With this amazing software, you have the power to change your look and make your chats fresh and exciting. Say goodbye to old versions and hello to a world of experiences and customizations.

More Attractive Features

The interface of WhatsApp Plus is similar to the Android app. But there are some special features that should be mentioned.

Let's get into the details.

  • You can hide your online presence from others.
  • You can hide your view from others.
  • You can cancel the ad receipt. By using this feature, you can access private information without telling others that you have read the message.
  • You can share your location with one click
  • Easy to select and send multiple messages to chat
  • Use Quick Reply to reply to messages when you are not available to chat or answer picture questions.
  • You can customize privacy options. This gives you more control over your privacy preferences.
  • Ability to send multiple messages at once
  • Ability to copy text from any other social media
  • Removing the 'Read More' icon from long messages, etc
  • You can customize the status of WhatsApp. 

How to Download WhatsApp Plus Apk?

You can download and install WhatsApp Plus on your Android device. Although the app is not available on the Google Play Store, you can download it from the link provided on our website.

After downloading the app, you can proceed to install the app:

  1. • Go to your downloads and find the WhatsApp Plus APK file.
  2. • Click on the APK file, it should be opened under the launcher
  3. • You will see a window saying that you have installed the app from an unknown source, so click on accept, then click on 'Next' and click on 'Install'.

Hence you have downloaded and installed the WhatsApp plus apk on your phones.

Now dive into the immense pleasure of using the amazing application features.

Final Verdict

WhatsApp Plus is an amazing option that takes your messaging to the next level. I’m using this app myself and I am very happy with its features. I advise you to give this app a try and you'll be amazed at the amazing things that this app can do for you.

We have discussed WhatsApp Plus for Android. Now you can download, install, and use the app. Have a nice day.

If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WhatsApp Plus APK safe to use?

Whatsapp plus apk is a third-party application. There are some risks associated with data leakage, but overall it is safe to use.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK Free?

The link to download the application is given at our site. It is totally free and you can download it from the download button given above.

Will Using WhatsApp Plus Threat to My Privacy?

No whatsapp plus apk is a safe version and it won’t threaten your privacy.